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Here is a build for those of you heading in to a white Christmas. While we're all trying to find some shade on the beach, we'll think of everyone who is rugged up, out playing in the snow. We hope you have a sledge as good as this one to be sliding down the slopes.

An alternate usage of the word sledge in this part of the world comes from sport, where it refers to clever, sometimes witty comments used towards the opposition, especially in cricket.

This model was created by AuckLUG member David Manley. As a child he had a small red sledge made from steel tubing and wooden slat top, which has long since disappeared. On the occasions in winter in Dunedin when it snowed enough, he would go sledging near the Ross Creek resevoir. This model is based on his recollection of that sledge.

David is one of AuckLUG's goto guys for giant ball contraptions, and automation, and for creating printed instructions from LDraw or models. In fact, David has created all the instructions for this calendar.

Perhaps David has heard the odd sledge in his time as a cricket umpire?

Download PDF instructions

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