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A recognised LEGO® User Group (RLUG)

Upcoming Shows
Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

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AuckLUG (Auckland LEGO® User Group) is a group of adult and teenage LEGO® collectors who like to collect, build and display their LEGO® creations.

Some of us collect official sets as they come in the box, some of us like to modify these official LEGO® sets, and some of us like to build completely from our own imagination – or from things we see in the world around us. Some of us do all three!

  • We demonstrate and promote the creative possibilities that LEGO® provides.
  • We display our members' amazing creations and collections to the public.
  • We show that building with LEGO® is an activity for all ages.
  • We bring together LEGO® enthusiasts from across the Auckland region.

About AuckLUG

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